Teamdagen - Team building for international teams

Team building for international teams

Welcome to Treasure Island!
Treasure Island is convinced that there are treasures to be found in every team and in every person. Our experience is that it is more effective to focus on talents than to focus on problems. Our fresh approach and stimulating locations help you to bring out the best in your team. Our team building is both beneficial and fun.

Treasure Island offers:

  • Team building to improve team work and results
  • Team training to develop skills in communication, management, consultancy and customer service
  • Off-sites to work on achieving team goals, making use of all talents available
  • teambuilding for international teams on dutch locations Schateiland

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very good  
Cijfer: 9.1
“The training sessions of Treasure Island are great. You learn a lot about yourself and your colleagues, your strengths and challenges and how to work best as a team. The sessions are well organized and there is a lot of practice. The atmosphere is nice and relaxed. I definitively recommend it!” Simona Giancola - UTZ
Onze deelnemers waarderen
  • "Very nice, instructive and especially fun (Amac)"
  • "Great environment and very relevant cases (Canon Europe)"
  • "Constructive talk with our director thanks to preparation with the trainer (Unesco IHE) "
  • "Actions that we can apply immediately! (Fairphone)"
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